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All About Casino Comps: Getting What You Don’t Deserve, Getting What You Deserve, And Probably Getting The Edge!

| April 8, 2023 | Last Updated on: May 14, 2024 | Casino Guides

One of the perks that make a great appeal to casino players is the comps.

Many enthusiasts wonder if these casino comps are worth it. Oftentimes, table-game players hand in their cards to be swiped on the computer. After their games, these players ask any appropriate casino personnel for a comp or simply wait until the end of their trip to find out what the casino can offer them.

It is easier in slot machines. Once you insert your card into the machine, and you wish for a comp, you simply visit the players’ club and discover what they have to offer you or “what you have earned.” Normally, this could be based on how the casino views your potential losses.

There are intriguing comping formulas and players get what they deserve based on the casino’s assessment of every gambler’s playing worth. It is never bad for punters to get what they deserve, but getting what they do not deserve is so much fun and – when included in gamblers’ plans – can give a wise punter a “monetary edge” over the casino. Now, let’s dive in!

Getting What You Deserve

casino perceives

It is important to consider the general formula most casinos use to evaluate your play. Here is how it works: Your average bet is multiplied by the number of decisions per hour, which is also multiplied by the number of hours you play.

These are all multiplied by the house edge, which equals your theoretical loss multiplied by the given percent of your theoretical loss that the casinos will give back. Ultimately, this equals how much the casino will give back in comps.

Take, for example, imagine that you are a blackjack gambler. You wager $25 per hand for 70 hands per hour. This is equivalent to $1,750 per hour that you have staked. If you gamble for four hours, this equals $7,000. Assume that the casino perceives you to lose at a rate of 1.5 percent.

The theoretical loss is then given by multiplying the $7,000 by 0.015, which equals $105 for every four hours you play. This is not an actual loss. You could win more, lose a little, or win more. Yet, over a long period, the theoretical and actual loss will be closer.

Now, let us speculate that the casino intends to pay just 45 percent of the $105 – which is about $47 – in comps. They would not hand that over in cash. Usually, an average $25 bettor is rewarded with several benefits, including free rooms at casinos, good meals, and many more.

There is always a price tag on the freebies. Any benefit that is derived from the casino is subtracted from the comp. It must be stressed that comps are not restricted to land-based casinos.

Online casinos, besides offering some of the best comps players can imagine, also offer certain bonuses to encourage players. However, some of these require bonus code in<- (copy this).

Stretching your comps

Stretching your comps

Tipping dealers can bring certain benefits. Dealers would love anyone that tips. Ensure that you tip on top of your bet – not in front, or next to the bet. Let us go back to the $25 example.

Assume that you tipped the dealer $5 on top of the $25. When you put it in front, certain things might happen: the dealer becomes happy that you placed a bet for him. Also, if there’s a win, the dealer gets the bet and winnings altogether.

The bet is not counted as part of your bet.  However, if you place it on top and tell the dealer “You are riding on top”, then the dealer becomes happy. If it wins, it stays up and might still win a few more for the dealer without added risk for you. Also, for the comps, that $5 will be counted as part of your wager. You will be rated as a $30 player.

For craps, you can add your place bets to the numbers during the “come-out” roll, but ensure that you keep them off. This is because going up on the numbers can get you noticed, and therefore rated right away, without risk. Better still, if you are a $30 gambler on the 6 and 8, 

you might just go to $60 on each during the “Come-Out” roll!

Getting the Edge

 preferred casino

There are serious tricks that will allow you to get a “monetary edge” over your preferred casino. This implies that you get more back from the casino than you are wagering on your favorite table game

In blackjack, as a $25 player, your comp point – for a theoretical loss of $105 – is $42. Yet, if you gamble with a fundamental strategy, you might not face a house edge of 1.5 percent, but instead an edge as low as 0.5 percent. You achieve this by avoiding games that pay blackjack at 6-to-5. 

If you wish to add to the edge, just sit out 10 percent of the hands. Instead of playing 70 hands, play 60 hands. You will be expected to lose a mere $31.50, with a monetary edge higher than $10 for playing fundamental strategy and strategically sitting out hands.


Casino comps are tools that are available not only to appreciate gamblers but also to encourage them to play more. The right strategies, as explained above, will make you get more from casino games than you expect.

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