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Win Every Spin : Know Best Effective Tricks for Roulette Table

| May 21, 2022 | Casino Guides

Win every spin–Isn’t that a dream for all the Roulette table players? Famous from time immemorial, Roulette is among gamblers’ most loved and played games. 

Since most gambling games are mainly based on luck, you cannot do a lot to confirm every spin as a winning spin. 

But if you do love to win your every spin ( which you clearly do), I might be able to help you. Although Roulette is a game of chances, we cannot do everything to chance, can we? So, I have worked out several strategies to help you win the most number of spins. 

So, without further ado, allow me to impress you with several wheel strategies to help you win more spins. 

Tips For Winning Roulette Table

Tips For Winning Roulette Table

Here are some strategies you can take into account– 

Guess When The Ball Will Bounce 

The first and best tip for winning your roulette table is guessing the ball’s movement. Once you understand how the ball spins, it starts bouncing off or falling off the rim when it slows down. You will need a few moments of practice to understand where and when the ball will remain once it stops bouncing. 

  • You can use your guessing power to predict where the ball will land and wager on the section you expect the ball to land.
  • You can check if the wheel is tilted; when it is tilted, the ball will likely land on the opposite side of where the croupier released it. 

Playing On European Wheels? Take Advantage Of En Prison And La Partage 

Playing On European Wheels

These two terms are only associated with European wheels. If you are playing on a European wheel, you can maintain your winning streak by suing La Partage or En Prison. When you make a 50/50 bet, and if the ball lands on 0, you and the house can split the bet. 

  • For instance, if you bet $20 on black and the ball lands on zero, you and the house can split the bet as $10. Yes, it is not a win; but it is better to lose half of your bet instead of losing all of it.
  • En Prison works a little differently. Say that you bet $10 on black, and the ball lands on zero; you can take advantage of En Prison and let the house spin while they keep your $10 bet. You get your bet back when the house spins, and the ball lands on black.

Make A 401G Account For Roulette Table 

 401G Account For Roulette Table 

Winning a roulette table is also about not losing your money. You can ensure minimum loss by reserving your money only for gambling. You can do it by creating a 401G account. The best thing would be to put money into your account monthly or weekly. 

Doing so will limit the money you spend on roulette tables or any other casino games. Since this account will only be about gambling, your chances of losing your extra money will diminish. 

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Don’t Rush It

Take all the time you need. When playing at a roulette table, you may not have too much money. But you need to think that you have ample time. The roulette table is a leisure game; you need to treat it like. Instead of rushing to take all the bets, you need to spend time making decisions and enjoying the game. 

It’s Not A Bad Luck– It Is Just Luck 

It hurts when you are betting on a number that didn’t hit multiple times. But what feels more pathetic is the ball hitting the number when you didn’t bet. So don’t sweat it; it may seem like bad luck, but it’s just luck, and Roulette is a game of chances and fate, so you may feel disappointed at times. 

The ball isn’t a thinking thing, and the roulette table is a game of chances and fate. One moment you feel like the goddess of destiny is on your side, and the next moment it feels like she deserted you. 

Bet What You Can Lose 

This may not seem like a tip for winning, but you need to stay safe. Don’t be swayed by the massive amount that some other guy is betting; it may be the hefty amount that you take months or years to earn.  

You may be impressed by the amount they can bet, but the casino is not. They are looking for opportunities for their own benefit. It won’t hurt much if you stay within the limit you can afford to lose. Betting within your limit will help you lose less at the Roulette table.  

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Bet On The Biased Wheel

Another working tip for winning every roulette table spin is by betting on the biased wheel. Some roulette wheels may hit the same over and over again. You can study these wheels and bet on the biased numbers to rack up most of the wins. This trick won’t work on online roulette games, though.

Here is what you can do –

  • You can check the scoreboard for the numbers that have come up twice or more. 
  • Once you have found those numbers, you can bet on them.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some popularly asked internet questions about roulette table–

What Is The Trick To Win Roulette?

Roulette is a game of luck; there is no definite rule to win all the spins. But you can win by betting on the biased numbers, by guessing the movement of the ball, or by using En Prison. It is a leisurely game, so you should take time and think clearly before placing any bet.

What Number Hits The Most In Roulette?

It is actually impossible to tell what number hits the most on a roulette table. But many croupiers say that 17 is the lucky number that helps you rack up more wins in Roulette. I suggest you look for the biased numbers in the wheel and see if the wheel is tilted and take advantage.

What Is The Safest Bet In Roulette?

As a new gambler, it is better to follow the Fibonacci system since it tends to be the safest rule in roulette tables. You can use progressive methods like Martingale, but if you want to hit more wins while playing it safe, then Fibonacci is among the best.

The End

Although it is a game of chances, you should do as much as you can to ensure your wins at the roulette table. If you follow the tips mentioned above, the chances of your wins will increase. These methods are tested and practiced by many roulette players. 

Did you find this article helpful? Please let me know in the comment. 

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