Hotel And Casino Workers At Las Vegas Set Strike Deadlines

Hotel And Casino Workers At Las Vegas Set Strike Deadlines: Protests For Labor Contract Goes On

| November 3, 2023 | Casino News

The Culinary Workers and Bartenders Unions union mentioned on Thursday how nearly 35K workers in Las Vegas will quit their jobs on 10th November in a protest strike against resort and casino operators Wynn Resorts, Caesars Entertainment, and MGM Resorts International if they don’t get a labor contract by that time. 

The Unions have been negotiating for seven months, with 95% of their people voting at September’s end to authorize a detailed, city-wide strike.

This strike is the first for the Culinary Workers and Bartenders Unions since 1991. It mirrors the activities in the auto and entertainment industry, where employees are trying to seek relatively better benefits and compensation in order to deal with the high living costs and very tight labor markets. 

The Unions based in Las Vegas are considered amongst the most powerful in the whole country, demanding stronger protections and higher wages against this new technology that might threaten employment, a reduction in the steep quotas for the housekeepers, and improved safety for the workers. 

The Union did mention that they had certain agreements with the casinos in place. The Culinary Union Secretary-Treasurer, Ted Pappageorge, told reporters on a call, “Economically, the companies have made some movement, but we are millions of dollars apart.

Caesars and MGM didn’t respond immediately to the requests for comments, while Wynn simply declined commenting on the strike’s deadline. On Tuesday, Thomas Reeg, the CEO of Caesars Entertainment, spoke to investors on an earning call, “When we reach an agreement on the contract, it’s going to be the largest increase that our employees have seen in the four decades since we started interacting with the Culinary Union.

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