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How To Play poker chip values? A Step-By-Step Guide To The Rules

| August 13, 2022 | Poker

While playing poker, players often use cards or Poker chips. When poker chips came into existence, the game of poker became more and more a favorite to many. It also spread widely. 

The poker chips have different colors and, more importantly, different values assigned to them. Many of us often love to play poker home games, and we need to know what each of the poker chips is worth.

If that is the case, you have landed on the right page. This article should give you an accurate idea about the poker chip values and how each of the colors varies in its values.     

Poker Chip Values: Values Of Different Colors Of Poker Chips

Colors Of Poker Chips

No, I don’t have any intentions of wasting your time with unnecessary talk. Let’s jump right into the value of the different poker chips value

  • White or Gray: $1
  • Red: $5
  • Blue: $10
  • Green: $25
  • Black: $100
  • Purple: $500
  • Yellow: $1,000
  • Pink: $5,000
  • Brown: $5000
  • Light Blue: $2000
  • Maroon: $1,000
  • Orange: $10,000 

Sometimes you might face some variations in these denominations. For instance, sometimes green is played at $20 dollars. I think I got an idea about the color code of the poker chips. While playing, these values might help you a lot. 

Basic Poker Chip Colors And Values  

Basic Poker Chip Colors And Values
  • White, $1
  • Pink $2.50 (sometimes used in blackjack and is rare for poker)
  • Red, $5
  • Blue, $10
  • Green, $25
  • Black, $100

Hosting Poker Game Events

Hosting Poker Game Events

If you are hosting a poker game, the experts would suggest you use to play with a minimum of ten players. When playing such poker, you need to choose at least 500 chips of three of four different colors. But if you are hosting a game with more participants, for instance, 30 people, you need to use 1000 chips of four or five colors. 

When you are putting together your set of chips for your own games, we recommend that you keep the number of diverse colors fairly low. You also need to assemble your collection in a way to have the most number of chips in the minimum denomination. As the denomination climbs, the number of chips should be lower. 

As an example, if you are assembling four chips with $1, $5, $10, and $25, you should set up a ratio of 4:3:2:1. 

Poker Chip Values In The Home Games

Poker Chip Values In The Home Games

If you are planning to set up a home game with your friends, you need to figure out the stack size and the chip values for the game. You also need to figure out your tournament structure or the chip values for the cash game. 

It is very simple to work it out for a cash game. It should also be fairly easy for a no-limit $1-2 hold’em game with six to eight players. In such a game, a player buys in for $100 and red chips worth $2.

Color Value Number of chips 
White$110 ($10)
Red$54 ($20)
Blue$101 ($10)

Major Tournament Poker Chip Values

Poker Tournament

Same as a cash game, the Poker tournament chips have different colors and represent different values. The players start with a standard number of Poker chips and play to increase their numbers. 

As the blinds and antes increase, the game requires the addition of higher-value chips. Now, chips in smaller values are coloured up and taken out of the game. You can take an example from the World Series of Poker. 

Generally, most of the World Series Poker games start with Green (25) and (100) black. For different events, they switch up colors above those values. For the last set of colors, there have been different standard sets of colors. 

You can take a look at these chips with accent colors –

  • 25: green with forest green. 
  • 100: black with day blue/dark blue
  • 500: desert flower with pink/maroon
  • 1000: canary yellow with sherbet orange/plum
  • 5000: blaze orange with tan/dark brown
  • 25,000: forest green with yellow/blue
  • 50,000: hot pink with dark green/lime green
  • 100,000: Hawaii flower with metallic/charcoal silver
  • 250,000: almond with butterscotch/bronze
  • 500,000: red with a day white/blue

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I hope that the sections above were helpful. However, here are some popularly asked questions that you might be looking for answers to. 

1. What Is Each Poker Chip Worth?

Ans: The values for most of the poker chips are usually the same in most poker rooms. Here is a simple demonstration –
When going for higher stakes, the usual worth is $5000, or $1000.

2. Are Old Poker Chips Worth Anything?

Ans: Yes, if you have old poker chips, they might be considered antiques. Ivory poker chips are worth $30. If you have chips with coloured mother of pearl, then their value will range from $15 to $20. If you have poker chips from the 1900s, they might be worth $3 or $8. 

3. What Color Poker Chip Has The Highest Value?

Ans: If you are looking for poker chips with the highest value, then here is a list to help you –
White: $1.
Red: $5.
Orange: $10.
Yellow: $20.
Green: $25.
Black: $100.
Purple: $500.
Maroon: $1,000.

4. What Color Is A $500 Chip?

Ans: The $500 chip is color. When playing high stake poker games, you will often notice Purple as the indicator of the high stake $500 chip. 

Final Words

Whether you are playing a poker game tournament or a home game, you need to know the poker chip values. Having an understanding of these poker chips is helpful when you are playing a home game. You can use the values to better organize a home game and set up the game in a way to make the players more comfortable. 

I hope that this article was helpful. If you need any further info, you can ask questions in the comment section. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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