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MPL – Mobile Premier League Overview (Details, Vision & Review)

| March 9, 2023 | Betting

Have you heard about MPL? MPL, or Mobile Premier League, is one mobile application that actually offers over sixty games, and that too on a single platform. And that’s not all – the platform provides people with one simple opportunity – to earn some cash just by playing and subsequently winning different mobile games.

While these games can be a good way to go on a much-needed break from studying or working, you must understand that in order to earn a little more than just a few dollars, you have to commit your time as well as attention to this platform.

In this review of the platform, you can explore how this platform actually works and, at the same time, the money you can actually earn here. Stay tuned to find out more about Mobile Premier League.

What Is Mobile Premier League?

What Is Mobile Premier League

First founded by Shubham Malhotra and Sai Srinivas Kiran in 2018, the MPL app is an Indian eSports platform that offers over sixty games and that too across several categories like board games, fantasy sports, card games, and puzzles. The best part? Players can play for fun or even enter competitions for winning exciting cash prizes.

The MPL platform claims to be the largest gaming platform for mobiles in Asia, with over 75 million active users hailing from Indonesia and Asia. And even that’s not all. The platform also has nearly ninety million users from North America, Asia, and Europe. This is one of those platforms that provide a very basic level of free and paid opportunities to all.

The high-stakes games on these platforms do not even require you to actually deposit any money inside your game wallet. But at the same time, it will take a pretty long time to obtain plenty of earnings to join such games without even depositing money.

1. Accessibility And MPL

Accessibility And MPL

Did you know that all the MPL games that are free are basically available in all the different cities of the United States? However, not all US states can participate in cash games. The US states where all the cash games are not available are as follows,

  1. Arkansas,
  1. Arizona,
  1. Montana,
  1. Michigan,
  1. Maryland,
  1. Louisiana,
  1. Nevada,
  1. South Dakota,
  1. South Carolina,
  1. Washington,
  1. Vermont, and
  1. Tennessee.

The MPL sports app is available for both iPad and iPhone users on your App Store. Moreover, the platform is rated 4.6 on average, and that too from over 20,000 users. But we did notice that the most common issue which got highlighted in this situation is all about inconsistent payouts and unexplained bans.

Although the platform is not really available to Android users yet, the team at MPL mentioned how the real reason is all about technical issues associated with the developer policies of Google.

2. How Much Can You Earn From MPL?

How Much Can You Earn From MPL

Before you can learn about MPL login, finding out how much you can actually earn via MPL will certainly take some time. In fact, finding out how to make money on the platform is not really a complex affair, but at the same time, we can safely say that you can make enough profits within a significant time period.

Each individual game actually offers different levels for players. Ranging right from the beginner stage to the advanced stages. In fact, new players can definitely use tutorials and even practice games for free in order to simply earn coins and tickets, which will help you to actually cover your entry fees for the more advanced levels.

3. Entry Fees And Cash Games Prizes

Once you become familiar with MPL coupons and deals, you can start entering different one-on-one tournaments and even win smaller cash prizes.

For instance, you can start by playing Bingo Clash – it will cost you only seventy-five cents as an entry fee, and you can play for the beginner’s prize of 1.20 dollars. You can move to the second level, called Amateur Battle – this level will offer you 2.50 dollars when you win, while your entry fee will be only 1.50 dollars.

Once you have played several lower-level rounds, you will be able to unlock MPL pro battles – while the semi-pro battles all come with 5-dollar prizes, the pro battles come with 10-dollar prizes. These have around 3 and 6 dollars as entry fees.

Check out the table below for a better understanding of Bingo Clash:

Bingo Clash (Game Level)PrizeEntry Fee
Beginner1.20 Dollars0.75 Dollars
Amateur2.50 Dollars1.50 Dollars
Semi-Pro5 Dollars3 Dollars
Pro10 Dollars6 Dollars

Of course, the MPL platform offers bigger payouts in different games. For instance, Snakes & Ladders offer 400 dollars as their highest award, whereas the entry fee for the game is only 250 dollars. It can definitely take some time before you can start earning amounts that will help you to participate in bigger games.

This is precisely why the quickest way you can join these games for winning bigger prizes is by simply depositing money into your wallet on the platform. Without any issue, you can easily add somewhere between 2 and 300 dollars via the following methods.

  1. Paypal,
  2. Debit or Visa credit card,
  3. Debit or Mastercard credit card, and
  4. Skrill.

4. Payout Speed And Structure

If you want to get hold of your payout on MPL studios, then you can just follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Click on the platform’s Wallet button located on your screen’s bottom.
  2. Now, enter the digits you want to withdraw.
  3. After that, you have to verify your banking information and email to complete your payout.
  4. You might also have to give your Social Security number.

In this context, you have to remember that the lowest amount which you can withdraw is 2 dollars, and the limit for your daily withdrawal will be capped at 500 dollars.

While you are withdrawing money, it is possible that the MPL platform will charge you one or two types of fees. These fees are as follows,

  1. For withdrawing any amount lower than ten dollars, you might be charged a withdrawal fee of 1.50 dollars.
  2. A processing fee of 2 dollars for withdrawing any amount.

Of course, payments might take around seven business days to reflect in your account. You must be aware that you might have to actually pay taxes on your wins – it depends on your residential location and earnings. At the same time, if the MPL platform or even their banking collaborators suspect any kind of fraud, then your payments can get delayed or frozen indefinitely.

How To Make More Money With MPL?

How To Make More Money With MPL

While you are thinking making the most of MPL promocodes can help you earn more money, let us break your bubble. In order to win consistently on this platform, you will most definitely need a certain set of skills. But that’s not the only thing – scroll down to find out how to make more money on the MPL platform!

  1. Make the most of all the rewards and bonuses that you come across on the MPL platform.
  1. Encourage more people to join using your referral code and make the most of referral bonuses.
  1. You have to develop a successful winning strategy – and that can only happen when you spend enough time on the platform.
  1. You have to be consistent with your playing – if you don’t turn up on the platform consistently, there’s no way the algorithm with help you.
  1. Instead of taking out your winnings in smaller amounts, wait for that one big amount and take it out together. That way, you will save up on the processing and withdrawal fees.

Our Verdict On MPL: Not A Lucrative Platform!

Mobile Premier League, or MPL, provides multiple opportunities for playing different games and winning exciting cash prizes. But these winnings might not be as lucrative as you are probably expecting at the moment.

While playing games on the platform just to kill time or even maintain speedy hand-eye coordination is a great idea, playing to make extra money is not going to be effective, especially in the long run.

So what are your thoughts on this platform? And if you have experience playing on such platforms, feel free to share both your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below.

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