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Northern Lights Casino: A Complete Review In 2022

| September 12, 2022 | Casino Review

Yes, the online casino scene has been experiencing booming growth in the past few years. But won’t it be fun to actually visit a Casino and play on those slot machines you see on television? Sounds pretty exciting to us – what about you? If it does sound exciting to you, you must scroll down and check out how our exciting trip to the Northern Lights Casino turned out!

And just in case you are a skeptic, you might end up changing your beliefs about a casino by the time you finish reading about our journey to this casino! 

On A Private Tour: Exploring The Northern Lights Casino

Exploring The Northern Lights Casino
Founded1996 | Renovation – 2011
LocationWalker, Minnesota
Address6800 Y Frontage Rd NW, Walker, MN 56484, United States
OwnerSaskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority and Leech Lake Casino
Casino TypeLand-based
Gaming Space42,000 square foot
Signature AttractionsStarlight Lounge
Notable RestaurantsNorthStar Restaurant

Founded in 1996, the walker northern lights casino is owned by the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority – in the year 2011, the casino was reopened after a solid renovation that increased the number of slot machines and expanded the business by leaps and bounds.

The best part about the northern lights casino is perhaps the fact the place hosts about nine hundred slot machines – so you can dominate the poker tables or even beat those odds at Blackjack! And that’s not the only great thing about this casino!

Once you are done playing at the Casino, you can relax at the luxury hotel or step in for a meal at The NorthStar Buffet – the whole idea of casinos has changed today. You no longer go to a casino for slot machines. The Riverwind Casino, for instance, is another example of this trend – all these places are now updated versions of resorts where you can also gamble…legally!

The Northern Lights Casino: Things To Know!

As we just mentioned, today, casinos have evolved to become so much more than just a casino full of slot machines and poker rooms. So without wasting any more time, let’s check out all the things that the Northern Lights Casino has to offer its guests! 

• Hotel:

Northern Lights Casino Hotel room

We don’t think none of you would want to return home in the middle of the night after spending hours gambling and consuming tipsy cocktails. This is why it’s perhaps one of the best things about the modern casino – you can gamble, get drunk, eat as much as you want and then check in to one of the luxury suites for the night!

The northern lights casino walker is no different when it comes to their rooms and all the luxury that accompanies the same. 

Standard Room
Jacuzzi Suite
2 Room Suite

• Dining:

northern lights casino dining

The northern lights casino buffet has been well known amongst guests since the 90s. Even the guest reviews attest to that though some guests who have visited the place for several years have said that the food used to be better. But that’s all fine because the Northstar Restaurant happens to be a great place you can’t ignore!

Daily MealsMonday – Sunday: 11 am – 2 pm | 4 pm – 8 pm
BreakfastMonday – Sunday: 8 am – 11 am
SpecialsMonday – Sunday: 4 pm – 8 pm

• Entertainment: 

Northern Lights casino Cabaret

Casinos are a great source of entertainment, but at the same time, it was only a matter of time before casinos would evolve to include actual entertainment options for all visitors. And the Northern Lights casino didn’t want to stay behind when it came to entertaining their visitors. 

For instance, the upcoming shows at the casino currently are as follows,

  • Aftermath 1 on October 2022,
  • The Hunks on November 2022, and
  • Josh Blue on December 2022.

And that’s not all – there are some other exciting entertainment options available in this casino!

River Of Stars – Cabaret
Meets & Greets
Event Center

Customer Reviews: Is Northern Lights Casino Legit?

Customer Reviews : Northern Lights Casino

Before you can visit the northern light casino, let’s check out some reviews from visitors who have experienced the service of this famous casino, mentioned in detail below. 

Review By Steven Muchow:

“We’ve been going here at least once a week since this new facility opened in the ’90s. Started out as one of the best Casinos in the state. Good slot payout, very good food, and excellent players club. It now has one of the worst players club in the state, the food is not good and very limited, and the slots are tight. Also, wear warm clothes as it can get quite chilly inside.”

Review By Holly Kostohryz:

“A favorite place of mine to just get away and spend some me time. The coffee & soft drinks are fresh. The hotel I’m always clean, and the hot tub, sauna & pool are amazing. Drink specials & bands on the weekends. Love it. Employees are Super.”

Review By Jill:

“Pretty good size casino. Had a few poker tables I saw. Quiet a variety of machines ranging from the old to the new to someone’s we haven’t seen before and we’ve been to a lot of casinos. Mostly choose your denomination. Had a tiny no smoking area however the smoking area was very well ventilated or was not smoking at the time because I didn’t smell any smoke. We didn’t smell like an ashtray when we left!!”

Review By Bonny Stenberg:

“The restaurants were amazing. Rooms were standard. No shampoo/conditioner/ lotion or even hand soap in the room. I read that they should give you a bag at check in… That never happened. Check in was also over 3mins longer then any standard check in. The pool was great with a walk in section for small kids. Huge hot tub And sauna. Slots were great.”

Our Verdict: A Throwback To The ’90s With Northern Lights By Your Side

Owned as well as operated by a trusting background.Limited slots and overcrowded tables.
Massive space spreading across a solid 42,000 square feet.Visitors have made a few complaints, such as limited food options or lack of basic amenities inside the bathroom.
Has a hotel, restaurants, casino games, and several other entertainment options.
Loved by visitors across the globe.

The northern lights casino hotels have existed since the 90s and have continued to grow in the last few decades. And this casino is really one of a kind – crazy vibe, big rooms, and a killer experience! If you have decided to check the same out, then what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get going!

In the meantime, let us know your thoughts and experiences on visiting a famous casino in the comments below.

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