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Everything You Need To Know About Poker Chips Set: A Complete Guide

| August 30, 2022 | Poker

All In…then Le Chiffre showed his card…it was a full house, Aces full of sixes…Now James Bond had to show his hands…a straight flash of spades, four to the eight…And James Bond won the game. Yes, It is the famous scene from Casino Royale.

We all have imagined a scene like this. After all in, the opponent will show his card. He will give a smile of win. But, then, we will dramatically show our hands and have a better hand. 

So, to do so, we need good poker chips set in our home. I am going to tell you everything about poker chip sets. But, before that, you need to consider a few things.

Different Poker Games

Different Poker Games

Before planning to buy poker chips set, you need to understand its usage. There are different poker games with different numbers of players. So, determine how you are going to use the chips set. 

A Sit N’ Go game requires fewer chips than other games. There are no options for rebuying chips later, so a certain number of chips is enough. On the other hand, if it is a cash game where players can hold their set of poker chips, more chips are required. 

Suppose you are planning to host a tournament, then you will be needed huge poker chips set for every player. In a tournament, there will be many players. Although you can use the point system, I suggest you use poker chips.

History Of Poker Chips Set

History Of Poker Chips Set

Poker chips have existed for centuries. People say that it was used in the 9th century in China. It was made from bone, ivory, and wood at that time. Gambling has been in the human race for centuries. 

In the early 1800s, the use of poker chips spread throughout the United States and Europe. Different elements have been used to make poker chips. For example, people used to use clay poker chips set for years. 

Poker Chips Set

Poker Chips

Poker chips are different from each other. In addition, there are different types of poker chips depending on the game people play. If you ask me how many poker chips in a set, then I will say the standard chip set has 300 chips. And there are premium chip sets that have 500 chips in them.

‣ Cash Chips

In simple words, cash chips have a value written on them. These chips are mostly used in casinos. People who want to gamble can buy these chips with money. With these chips, people can play any game. After winning, when it is time to cash out, people can directly exchange chips for cash.

‣ Tournament Chips

Tournament chips are a kind of poker chips set. These chips are only for playing in tournaments. These chips are designed when there are so many players on a table. Also these chips are not equivalent to cash. There are times when players wager millions of chips, but these chips are not worth millions of dollars. 

‣ Custom Chips

Custom poker chips set are great when you want to make some unique chips. You can write on these chips or can give a custom value to these chips. Many companies offer custom poker chips. You can buy one according to your budget and preference.

Considerable Factors Before Buying Poker Chips

Buying Poker Chips

Before buying your chips, you need to consider and understand a few factors. Keep these factors in mind.

  • You need to understand the bet that players are willing to make. Next, you should figure out the maximum and minimum bet. This will help you to understand which chips you should buy.
  • You should know what will the buy-in amount for your poker game.
  • You need to consider how much the blinds will be.
  • Will there be any rebuying option or not? You need to clear that out.
  • What will be the maximum number of players going to play? This is one of the important factors.
  • How many stakes are you going to set in your poker game? 

Different Materials To Make Chip Sets

Different Materials To Make Chip Sets

The most trending material to make poker chips is clay. These chips give you a pleasant feel and consistent weight and are also durable.

Some chips are made of ceramic. These are premium chips. But these chips tend to break and become more fragile.

The cheapest are made from plastic. Home and private players use these chips. 

Poker Chips Set And Value

Poker Chips Set And Value

There are different chip sets and values. You should know these things if you are thinking of buying one.

Chip ColorValues
White$1 (Small Blind)
Yellow$2 (Big Blind)
Red$5 (Yellow*5)
Blue$10 (Red*2)
Grey$20 (Blue*2)
Green$25 (Red*5)
Orange$50 (Green*2)
Black$100 (Orange*2)
Pink$250 (Black*2.5)
Purple$500 (Pink*2)
Burgundy$1000 (Purple*2)
Light Blue$2000 (Burgundy*2)
Brown$5000 (Light Blue*2.5)

Best Poker Chips Set To Buy

Best Poker Chips Set

If you are still having difficulties in buying the best poker chips, you can go through the list. Before that, you should know that a poker set 500 chips is the best to buy for all purposes. 

  1. Fat Cat Poker Chips
  2. Claysmith Gaming
  3. Da Vinci Poker Chip Set
  4. Pro Clay Poker Chips
  5. Trademark Poker Set
  6. JP Commerce Poker Chips
  7. Brybelly 1000 Poker Chip Set
  8. Monte Carlo Poker Chips
  9. Milano Poker Chips
  10. Harley Davidson Poker Chips
  11. Nevada Jacks Poker Chips
  12. Las vegas Poker Chips
  13. Poker Chip Ball Markers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

There are a few questions that people often ask. You can find these questions interesting.

1. How Do You Choose A Poker Chip Set?

Ans: You need to understand the basics of the poker game that you will play. There are three different games. These can be a tournament, a cash game, and a sit-and-go game. In three different games, you will need three different poker chips set. You should also consider how many players are going to play. According to these factors, choose your poker chip set.

2. How Many Poker Chips Do You Need In A Set?

Ans: There are different poker chips set. But I will say for every purpose, you can use a 300 chips set. This is a standard chip set and comes in five different colors. There are a total of 100 white pieces and 50 pieces for the rest of the colors. On average, 5 to 6 players can play with this set.

3. Do Casinos Use Clay Or Ceramic Chips?

Ans: Making a poker chip needs the injection molding process. There are two forms of this process. The first one is the Striped dice, and the second one is the suited poker chip. You can see both of the forms in casinos and homes. Clay was an important part of making poker chips, but now clay is not used in the development of poker chips.

Our Verdict

I know it is tough to pick the best poker chips set. But if you can buy the best ones, other poker players will appreciate you. 

I think this article has helped you to understand the factors. Now, it is time to pick the best one for yourself.

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