Ring Of Fire Drinking Game Rules

What Are The Ring Of Fire Drinking Game Rules? A Complete Guide

| November 15, 2022 | Casino Guides

So you have landed up here while looking up the Ring Of Fire rules. Ahhhh! Ring Of Fire! If we had to list all the best drinking games that have ruled hearts for decades, then this game would be on the top! 

A classic drinking game at most house parties, dorm socials, or even pre-drinking scenes, Ring Of Fire is one of those crowd-pleasing games. Moreover, unlike other drinking games like Beer Pong, there’s hardly any prep or even equipment needed for playing this timeless classic. Instead, you just have to grab some cards, a willing group of participants, a large pint glass, and lots of alcohol! 

So without wasting any more time, let’s check out the rules for playing this crazy drinking game! 

Exploring Ring Of Fire: What’s The Game All About?

While learning cool new drinking games can always be fun and definitely mixes things up, there is nothing better than playing an old favorite. The whole excitement of becoming the ultimate thumbmaster and no one even noticed? Simply unmatched! Pulling out an Ace and all the players screaming ‘waterfall?’ What a fantastic moment, TBH! 

But that’s not the best part! The best part about playing the ring of fire drinking game is that it will definitely get you verrrry drunk, responsibly, of course! Ah, all those hazy memories! 


Yes, there’s a but, like most things in life always comes with a ‘but!’ Since the game is all about the thirteen different cards accompanied by meanings, it is highly difficult to remember all the rules – some rules can be relatively trickier to remember as compared to others. Also, the fact that you will be tipsy by the time the game picks up, it does not help things at all!

So here’s the recap you needed in this hour of need! – Scroll down to check out all the Ring Of Fire rules. 

What Is Ring Of Fire Game?

What Is Ring Of Fire Game

Also referred to as the ‘Circle Of Death’ or just ‘Kings,’ the Ring of Fire cards is one of those drinking games that’s like a rite of passage – you have to play this one! In fact, the game requires almost little to no setup and is the perfect icebreaker for all social gatherings involving alcohol. 

Moreover, the game’s pretty inclusive, so you don’t have to worry about someone feeling excluded in a corner. So, if you have just started playing this classic game, it’s best to check out the ring of fire rules first before you can get the party roaring! 

What Will You Need To Play Ring Of Fire?

Before you can check out all the rules of ring of fire, let’s find out what you will need to play this iconic game at your next house party!

  • A standard deck of 52 cards,
  • A primary drink like a pint of beer, and
  • A drink for every player.

Playing The Ring Of Fire: The Ring Of Fire Rules You Were Looking For!

Before you can worry about the ring of fire jack or similar standalone elements, let’s check out all the main ring of fire rules! After all, this is what you need when you are tipsy and can’t remember sh*t! 

The Start: Get The Game Going!

You don’t have to google ‘ring of fire rules UK’ or similar stuff, the rules are the same everywhere! The game starts when you place the pint of beer on any flat surface in the middle. Now splay all the cards carefully around the pint – make sure these cards are facing down and kept evenly so as to make a circle without any gap between each other.

Then just take turns in any order to draw cards from this circle, and subsequently perform assigned tasks from each card. 

The Middle: Tasks For Each Card

As we mentioned, each of the 13 cards, according to the Ring Of Fire rules, has a specific meaning. Scroll down to read about the 13 different cards and what each card specifies in the game! 

  • Ace – Waterfall: This basically means every player will pick their drink up and start drinking simultaneously, following the player on their left. The best part? Nobody will stop until the player on their left actually stops! 
  • Two – You: The player who draws the card will choose someone who will have to drink. 
  • Three – Me: This one is for you. If you drew the card, then you have to drink!
  • Four – Chicks: Everyone who identifies as a female will have to go bottoms up!
  • Five – Thumbmaster: When the player drawing the card places their thumb on the table at a specific time, the other participants will also have to do the same. The person who comes last will have to drink. 
  • Six – Dudes: All the dudes will now get to drink!
  • Seven – Heaven: The player drawing the card will point at the sky, and everyone will follow. The person who comes last will have to drink. 
  • Eight – Mate: In this case, you have to select your drinking mate according to the ring of fire rules. Your mate will drink every time you drink until you select a new mate. 
  • Nine – Rhyme: You have to say one word, and the next person has to say something that rhymes with that word. The rhyming will continue unless someone is not able to rhyme – this person will get to drink. 
  • Ten – Categories: Select any category. Everyone has to say something that falls within their chosen category. The person who is out of options or can’t think of any proper answer gets to drink. 
  • Jack – New Rule: If you draw a Jack, you get to make a rule that’s new, and everyone has to stick to this rule till the game ends. If someone breaks the rule, they get to drink. 
  • King – Pour Some Alcohol : If you draw a King, you will simply have to pour some drink into the centrally kept drink. The person who will draw the last ‘K’ will have to drink this mixture. 
  • Queen – Question Master: If you draw a Queen, you will automatically become the Question master. And when any player doesn’t answer the questions you ask at any point during the game, they will get to drink. 

The End:

According to the Ring of Fire rules, breaking the ring of cards basically means you just have to drink the pint kept in the center. And that’s all that you need to know about the rules of Ring of Fire. Just remember that the game will make you quite drunk, so indulge only if you can handle your alcohol. 

And It’s A Wrap!

So now you are familiar with the Ring Of Fire rules! So what are you waiting for? If you are having difficulty remembering all the rules, just screenshot the rules from here or save this one for your drunk hour of need. There’s something so fun about drinking games, and the Ring Of Fire is no different when you think about it!

So don’t forget to tell us what you think about playing this game – and also what your experiences were like while playing the same, in the comments below!

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