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Royal Ace Casino Review For 2022

| November 9, 2022 | Casino Review

The Crystal Palace Group has been operating for a long time. It includes several online casinos and provides the royal ace casino. Although they could have a better reputation regarding withdrawal speed and assistance, their program offers a pleasurable user experience. 

The final choice is yours, but take note of this caution. Royal Ace is a casino powered by Real Time Gaming (RTG). It offers slot machines, video poker, specialty games, and a table.

The royal ace casino’s website’s quick page loads and large, easy-to-read font make finding anything very straightforward.

Although there are several perks and a VIP program, there are few banking choices, and certain payments might cost you up to $40 apiece.

A Take On royal ace casino 

A Take On royal ace casino

There isn’t much internet proof that royal ace casino is “the world’s #1 Online Casino,” despite its claim. On, the royal ace casino review reveals dismal rankings (2.97 out of 10), with over 100 complaints. The absence of prompt cashouts is by far the most frequent grievance. 

The bulk of the site’s initial 100 complaints reported cashout delays. These complaints also included inaccurate information from customer service on the cashout procedure. 

Due to sluggish payouts and subpar customer service, they advise players to proceed with great care if they play at the royal ace casino.

Although the casino doesn’t appear to aim to con its patrons, you should be prepared for some back and forth with their assistance if you do manage to win large. 

Overall, avoid this business to avoid the headache of delayed payouts and evasive customer service. However, I’m also really concerned about the harsh limitations on their incentives and withdrawal policies.

Home Page Layout Of royal ace casino

Home Page Layout Of royal ace casino

The marketing for their welcome bonus is prominently displayed on the page. In addition, you may play the featured games listed below for real money or in practice mode.

As you continue to scroll down, you’ll see— 

  • A few player reviews. 
  • A list of all-time winners. 
  • Alist of current jackpots. 
  • A list of recent jackpot payouts. 

Finally, near the bottom of the page, you may discover several navigational feature call-outs and an emphasis on mobile gaming.

Your preferred method of site navigation is the top bar. This remains visible even when you scroll the page. It provides rapid access to the “Login” and “Sign Up” buttons on the website navigation.

Thumbs Ups

royal ace casino review

Since I don’t want to give them any excuse to show favoritism, I will be open and honest with you about my feelings toward Royal Ace’s ownership.

The Royal Ace slot machine from Real Time Gaming allows players to win one of a million dollars in jackpot prizes. Several RTG network progressives are now poised to burst at the time of this study. 

I enjoy playing slot machines with great bonus features or a large progressive payoff. I keep thinking that one day I’ll carry the big cheque with the jackpot sum written on it.

While Royal Ace only provides some of the RTG Network Progressive games, they have a few that are interesting to check out.

Thumbs Down

royal ace casino jackpot

Some reviewers have a history with the royal ace casino ownership group. They can attest that they have been pulling these pranks for a long time, as early as the 2000s. 

It’s hard to tell how companies keep getting away with these slow-pay practices, but people don’t remember them after a while.

They occasionally take wins back from your account. Even while I can see that sometimes the RNG can act up, the days of people being able to hack the system on their own are long gone. Instead, the majority of software developers incorporate threat detection into their games. 

It is intolerable to see royal ace casino remove legal profits from a player’s account. No one should make a deposit at this casino until they alter their practices.

The VIP Program

The VIP Program

In addition to the welcome bonus and other sporadic promotions, like their Christmas campaign How Big Is Your Gift, the royal ace casino also provides a VIP program. This VIP program makes way for all its players to collect comp points. There are five distinct VIP levels, each offering greater, more valued incentives.

At the royal ace casino, you may earn points by playing your favorite games in return for perks and bonuses. You will only receive one comp point for every $10 wagered at the entry level, but as you advance, this will increase.

To reward loyalty, top-tier players at royal ace casino receive 1 point for every $2 wagered.

The Comp Program

The Comp Program

The Comp Program of the royal ace casino is comparable to many other Real Time Gaming-affiliated casinos. 

You receive one comp point for every $10 wagered in comp points (Terms and Conditions apply). Depending on your VIP level, this rate may be expedited (see below for more details).

Competitive video gamers should begin using their comp points for prizes as soon as they hit the 100-point mark. 

You should put those extra funds to work for you as soon as you receive them because there is no need to hold them in your account. The additional cash is a small advantage in your favor, so you should use it now.


I can’t suggest Royal Ace Casino to our readers once the Virtual Casino Group mends its ways. The deposit and withdrawal procedures have to run like a well-oiled machine. 

There is no justification for varying processing times in the modern day. Check out our other evaluations if you like Real Time Gaming’s software because I’ve given many of their other partner’s great feedback.

Royal Ace Casino is one of the more established real-money online casinos that accept players from the USA. 

They run various significant promotions, including the $25 no-deposit bonus and the deposit bonus without a cap, that entice new players. However, You should exercise caution if you try it before taking any match offers at Royal Ace Casinos.

Although Royal Ace Casino is one of the finest real-money online casinos serving the American market, they need more only sites in several crucial categories. They accept Bitcoin, and any device may access the mobile casino using a web browser. 

The website needs live dealer games and will let big winners withdraw their money without complications.

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