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| September 8, 2022 | Betting

Are you a sports enthusiast who can’t stop predicting the results of all the matches you watch?

Do you have a knack for making correct predictions?

Have you tried out sports betting apps such as Becric?

If you have, then that’s great, but in case you haven’t, it’s completely fine because we are here to tell you all about the same. What most people worry about are the related risks that arise in case of privacy breaches via such apps, which is exactly smarter to check out reviews of the app you are going to try out! 

So without wasting any more time, let’s review the Becric app! 

Exploring Becric: What Is Becric?

What Is Becric
OwnerBeCric group
Casino TypeOnline
ProductsSportsbook, Online Casino, Live Casino
LicenseLicensed under Philippine Gaming and Entertainment Corporation
Chatting StatusYes
Customer | +91 867 864 3333

The Becric app is one of those easy-to-operate sports betting applications where users can enjoy various wagering options that too accessible from smartphones. The bookie on the app accepts several bets on popular matches. 

India has witnessed a rapid rise in the popularity of this application primarily because it offers multiple profitable promotions and also has a reputation for paying great winnings quickly. It appears to be a good choice when it comes to betting successfully. 

The Becric Application: Things To Know!

Becric is available in both website and app versions – in fact, the mobile version contains all the functionalities similar to the website. But there’s one glitch in which our eyes seem fair enough. You have to be at least 18 before you can start gambling on this app. Once users have finished doing the Becric apk download successfully on their phones, they can start wagering bets. 

However, it is always smarter to find out about the app you are about to bet on before you can start googling becric app download in the hopes of making some extra money. Scroll down to find out more in this context!

Diverse Betting Opportunities:

Betting Opportunities

The best part of any betting app is the number of betting opportunities the app actually provides users. If an app provides diverse opportunities for betting, it’s great, considering players have more opportunities to gamble and win. 

The Becric app not just provides vast betting opportunities for over sixty different sports. And that’s not all. The app also offers generous betting odds for players. In that case, both experienced and amateur players can have fun on the app. 

User-Friendly Payment Methods:

Payment Methods

Payment is perhaps the most prioritized area when it comes to betting online. So you must opt for apps that enable users to use payment methods that are safe and convenient. Yes, safety is vital, but always remember, and so is convenience. 

The Becric application offers various payment methods that are safe and convenient for players to use – this makes things so much better for the app, especially in terms of improving user experience. 

Quality Customer Support:

Customer Support

The key to success for any brand is its customer support services. If your brand fails to help customers in their moment of need, then you are clearly failing to connect with your audience. This holds true, especially for digital products. 

Similarly, the Becric app provides qualitative customer support. By qualitative, we mean a customer support team that is polite, knowledgeable, resourceful, and, more importantly, helpful so that any problem faced by the user can be solved with the least amount of fuss.

Welcome Bonus And Other Rewards:

Bonus and Rewards

What do most digital products do to gain an edge over their competition? The answer is simple, really! Connect with your ideal audience and bribe them with generous offers, loyalty programs, and in some cases, even free vouchers or bonuses. 

Becric is no different and also offers various rewards and a lucrative welcome bonus for players. Yes, there are other apps that do the same things, but the best part about Becric is the rewards reach the players quickly and safely, which is the main highlight in this case.

Customer Reviews: Is The Becric App Legit?

Check out the reviews from players who have tried out the Becric application, mentioned in detail below. It’s always better to find out whether the app is safe or not from user reviews before starting the becric login procedure.

Review By Puja Sharma:

“This is not such a bad app. Sometimes there is some problem in deposit and withdrawal. The fun of playing games in its exchange is different. Many games are available to play. I have noted that the odds are slightly less than of the other app. I haven’t had any problems yet. If you have done everything according to the policy of the becric, then your account will never be closed, there will be no problem with deposit and withdrawal. Overall Good.”

Review By Narendra Midatala:

“My case was quite unnatural. I had a balance of 240000 in the account and I had withdrawn 1.5 lakh – it’s been processing for 4 days and becric had rejected it. But the amount is not credited to becric account. Later I had withdrawn the remaining 90000 but faced the same issues again, they rejected it and didn’t credit the same. When I’m trying to chat with customer service they are saying that I have rejected the withdrawal and lost the amount in matches.”

Review By Anand Singh:

“I have used this platform for 2 years. Initially, they used to give the payout on time. Around 1 year back they froze my account stating that my PAN wasn’t updated. After two weeks, the account was released and I kept playing. Now from the last one week, all my withdrawals are being cancelled and the account is frozen, without any reason. I have tried to contact them several times but no response. They are big-time scammers.”

Our Verdict: Seems Like Fun But It’s Best To Steer Clear From This One!

Pros ✔️ ✔️ Cons ❌❌
Free and quick installation And registration.Fails to work in poor internet connectivity.
Multiple payment options.Bad user ratings and reviews 
Features a demo mode.Not available in the Google Play Market.
Mobile-Friendly.No regular updates.

Although most reviews of the Becric app say that the app is known for its excellent security features yet the user reviews clearly mention all the problems they have faced while using the same. So before asking questions about crafting a strategy for winning on the app, such as ‘what is rollover in becric?’ it’s best to check out other player reviews online. 

Meanwhile, you can share your thoughts and experiences of betting on sports online in the comments section below. 

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