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| February 20, 2023 | Casino Review

Dafabet is a betting service that primarily operates in the Asian market. Furthermore, it also has some operations in other continents like Europe and Africa as well. Dafabet has recently started its operations in Kenya. However, as per most of the sources, Dafabet is mainly optimized for operations in the Indian market.

Many customers come with the questions, “Why Dafabet is not working?” or “Is Dafabet better than w88mplay?” and many more. Hence, we have decided to talk about Dafabet and what type of betting it supports on its website. Also, you will get to decide by the end of the article whether you should use Dafabet or not.

About Dafabet’s registration, the Nostrabet website said, “The site is currently registered and licensed under the UK gambling commission, making its operations in the region legitimate. The sportsbook even sponsors some great European football teams, thus demonstrating its absolute success in the gambling industry.”

Is Dafabet A Safe Website To Play Betting Games?

Is Dafabet A Safe Website To Play Betting Games

Although many websites speak well of the Dafabet betting platform, honestly, we cannot say whether it is a safe website to play or not since the website did not even open. This is probably because the website is blocked due to too many complaints and failures.

However, after different attempts, we got access to the website. And on first look, Dafabet seems appealing. The website structure is mostly standard. It is also easy to search for data and look for betting options on the website. However, we did not find the payment gateway very safe, to be honest.

How To Do A Registration On Dafabet?

How To Do A Registration On Dafabet

To start betting on Dafabet, you will need to register your account first with your username, name, password, email, etc. The registration steps on Dafabet are pretty simple, as we have found, just like any other standard website. Go to the homepage of the website, and click on the “Join Now” button to start your registration process.

Here are the steps you will need to follow to start betting on Dafabet:

Step 1: Enter your account details on the Dafabet form.

Step 2: Enter your phone number, where Dafabet can send you messages and OTP for transactions.

Step 3: Enter your name, date of birth, and other details.

Step 4: Choose the currency based on the location where you stay (like $ for the USA)

Step 5: Choose your country from the “Country” section, and click on the “Create Account” button. Your account is now open. You are free to bet on Dafabet.

After you have created your account, you will receive a popup on the website that will notify you to add the initial amount so as to start betting for the sport that you want to play. Here you will have to enter the registration code sent to you by Dafabet if you opened your account through someone’s referral.

How To Bet On Sports Through Dafabet? 

How To Bet On Sports Through Dafabet 

There are many sports which you can bet on Dafabet. You will just need to find the sport or tournament for which you will perform your betting. You can also bet on the runs of players and can bet on team management as well. Since Dafabet wants betting players to play as many sports as they can, almost every major tournament of every major sport is available on Dafabet. The port options include Cricket, Football, Boxing, Rugby, Ice Hockey, MotoGP, Tennis, Handball, etc.

How To Perform Live Betting On Dafabet?

How To Perform Live Betting On Dafabet

After you open the betting site of Dafabet, you will get a live listing of the games that are open now on which people are betting at the moment. The best part of the live betting option is that it not only offers you to bet on major sports like cricket, football, tennis, basketball, etc., but it also allows you to bet on multiple sports at the same time.

One of the best things about Dafabet is that the odds of winning are also good. But, in recent months, many people have complained about the payment gateway problem that they have received on Dafabet. However, if you do not experience payment problems on Dafabet, you will actually have a fulfilling experience.

Dafabet: Major Customer Reviews

Dafabet Major Customer Reviews

On the Trustpilot website, Dafabet is not well-reviewed. Out of 284 reviews, the rating that customers/ users provided Dafabet is 1.4 stars. Almost 89% of the users of Dafabet were not happy with the platform, while 9% of the users were very happy with Dafabet and gave a rating of 5 stars on Trustpilot.

The following are some of the major customer reviews you will need to go through to get an understanding of Dafabet:

Shivendra Singh

Shivendra Singh

I am Using dafabet from 2015. I am also dafabet gold vip member. Best site for betting in india. Trust me this is the best site. Negative reviews is a scam because maybe they are trying to create more dafabet account in one ip. Result all dafabet account are blocked. So don’t use the multiple dafabet account for any tyoe of bonus. Use only one account life time. Thank you.

Vinod Kumar Neelagiri

Vinod Kumar Neelagiri

I am playing in dafabet since 2016. I am 💯% satisfied and no complaint for me since 5 years. For fast trading software is little bit slow but for withdrawal and deposits,and as well paying winnings are so much satisfied. I really recommended for my friends and they are also almost 8 members are satisfied.”

Sunilkumar Patnaik

Sunilkumar Patnaik

I requesting to everyone those are playing gambling site especially for dafabet site. I lost money last two back around inr 20lakhs. Serval time chat with customer care. Firstly if we ask anything logic questions they won’t reply your questions. Second thing after lossing the 20 lakhs of amount. I’m not eligible for vip bonus.

Summing Up

Hope we have been able to provide you with enough information about whether you should start betting on Dafabet or not. Apart from betting games, you will also be able to play many other virtual sports on Dafabet. Furthermore, one of the best features of Dafabet is that you can bet on multiple sports and games at the same time. All you need here is enough cash on your account for betting.

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