Desert Diamond Casino: A Complete Review In 2022

| September 20, 2022 | Casino Review

The official website of the Desert Diamond Casino proudly proclaims, ‘this is where Arizona comes to play’, and that is perhaps enough to convince most living in Arizona for a much-awaited visit. But I wasn’t one of those people residing in Arizona – so how did this opulent casino fare to an outsider? 

Let’s find out…shall we?

On A Fantasy Tour: Awakening My Inner Gangster At The Desert Diamond Casino

On A Fantasy Tour
Founded1985: Papago Bingo | 1993: first Desert Diamond Casino
LocationArizona, United States
BranchesWest Valley, Tucson, Why, Sahuarita
Address9431 W Northern Ave, Glendale, AZ 85305, United States
Phone+1 623-877-7777
OwnerTohono O’odham Nation
Casino TypeLand-based
Notable RestaurantsDiamond Café (Tucson), Taste Of Agave (Sahuarita), Nineteen 86 Steakhouse (West Valley)

Owned and operated by the Tohono O’odham Nation, Desert Diamond Casino boasts four different entertainment venues in Southern Arizona. 

  • Nogales Highway
  • I-19 & Pima Mine Rd
  • Why, AZ
  • West Valley

The basic purpose of the desert diamond in Tucson, West Valley, or any other location is to boost the quality of living by helping people from the Tohono O’odham Nation and Southern Arizona.

Additionally, the casino chain employs more than 1200 Native and non-Native Americans. They even provide vital funds for crucial community activities and services while generating thousands of dollars under state tax revenue. 

If you have been to other popular casino properties, such as the Riverwind Casino or even the Northern Lights Casino, you must not miss out on Desert Diamond on any grounds.

Planning A Trip To The Jackpot Valley: How To Visit Desert Diamond Casino? 

With so many exciting locations, features, and gaming opportunities, you might already be thinking about planning a trip to the desert diamond casino. But have you wondered about specific details like desert diamond casino hours, reviews, or pricing?

Yes, the casino’s official website can tell you about all the gaming opportunities, poker tables, available slots, and upcoming events, but that’s not the only information you need while planning a trip to a casino. Keep reading to find out more. 

1. The Journey To Desert Diamond Casino: 

The Journey To Desert Diamond Casino

Traveling to Desert Diamond Casino can be a fantastic idea. If you are a resident of Southern Arizona, driving to any of the nearest locations can be a great idea – and not just a great idea, but it could also be the smartest thing to do! But what if you are not a resident of Southern Arizona? 

Here’s what you can do!

  • Book a flight to Southern Arizona, and then you can drive to the nearest location. 
  • If you are traveling interstate, you can always drive or even hire a private car. 
  • Another thing that you can do in this context is commute by train if you are on a budget.

2. The Shelter For The Night: 

Desert Diamond Casino room

The best way to figure out your staying options at Desert Diamond is by determining which location you will visit. For example, are you visiting the casino at West Valley or the casinos in Tucson? This will help you plan your accommodation accordingly. 

Here’s how you can book a room at any casino property!

  • Visit the official website of Desert Diamond Casino.
  • You will notice the names of the various locations mentioned as categories on the homepage. 
  • Tap on the location you want to visit. For instance, you might want to visit Tuscon – so you have to click on the same.
  • You will be redirected to the Tuscon page, where the upcoming events and hottest news are featured. On the left-hand side of the page, you will find the option of booking a room directly.
  • You need to enter your travel dates to check the room availability. If rooms are available, you can proceed to book. 

3. What’s Hot?

Desert Diamond Casino Inside

The thing about casinos is these are so much more than just casinos. From numerous food and nightlife options to unlimited poker tables, most luxury casinos provide several services to their guests. Scroll down to figure out what services you can avail of at these casinos! 

TucsonSahuaritaWest ValleyWhy
Gaming: Sportsbook & Bar, Slots, Table Games, Poker, and Bingo.
Dining & Nightlife: Diamond Café, Classico Pizza, Coffee Bar, Diamond Grill, and Ko Sin Ki The Buffet.
Gaming: Table Games, Slots, and Sportsbook & Bar.
Dining & Nightlife: Sports Bar, Diamond Grill, and Taste Of Agave.
Gaming: Slots, Table Games, Sportsbook, and Poker.
Dining & Nightlife: Nineteen 86 Steakhouse, Edge Bar, Food Court, The Rock Bar, and Winners Sports Bar.
Gaming: Slots

4. Nearby Attractions:

Naturally, finding out about nearby attractions is the obvious thing to do. For instance, if you are traveling to desert diamond Glendale, you would look up the nearby tourist attractions to the casino property. 

Here’s what is close to Glendale!

  • Take a ride on a hot air balloon over Phoenix – Check out the Sonoran Desert spreading over 100,000 square miles, and watch the sunrise on your ride. You can even enjoy a glass of Champagne once you land.
  • Phoenix has a haunted past, and the best way to relive this past is by opting for a haunted walk in the downtown area – check out haunted spots like the Hotel San Carlos, Rosson
  • Phoenix has a haunted past, and the best way to relive this past is by opting for a haunted walk in the downtown area – check out haunted spots like the Hotel San Carlos, Rosson 

House Museum, and Hanny’s Department Store.

  • Go for the full-day Grand Canyon tour from Phoenix – sign in for a scenic flight trip directly from Phoenix, followed by an exciting helicopter ride for an overview of the canyon’s bottom and an adventurous boat cruise on the Colorado river to check out the vast Grand Canyon from various angles.
Hot Air Balloon Ride3 hours 30 minutes$214.92/per person
Haunted Walking Tour1 hour$26.49/per person
Adventure Tour Of Grand Canyon7 hours$1,099.99/per person

Customer Reviews: Is Desert Diamond Casino Legit?

Before making plans to visit Desert Diamond Casino, you should check out a few reviews left by visitors about this exotic property mentioned below!

‣ Review By Cheryl H:

“It’s a pretty good spot. We got lost with their weird parking lot and lack of signs, but we found a door. Decent priced drinks and plenty of different places to eat (nice variety too)

I would say stay away from the penny slots, they’re pretty much a dollar a spin anyway but have less chance of winning.”

‣ Review By Caleb Poush:

“This is a great casino! I love that it’s a non-smoking casino, for one. It’s also brand new, which is nice. The look and feel of the place is very impressive; it’s enjoyable to just be there. They have a TON of slots (the vault is definitely the most fun). But I go for the poker. They all kinds of limit games; great for any skill level. It does get pretty packed on the weekends though which can be a little uncomfortable.”

‣ Review By Beautiful Life:

“Great casino. Extremely clean, friendly staff! I won 1500 here on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Awesome spot to party and gamble. They have complimentary soda machines and water, which I really really appreciated. Great bars and restaurants. They also had a Father’s Day giveaway Sunday. It was fun to see people win $500 cash prizes. Will be coming back again!”

‣ Review By Mike Kimbrue:

“The new casino is very nice and clean and they have a ton of options on slots and they also have a real craps table and roulette. They have a poker room and the usual blackjack down the middle. Sports betting is really a hit. I usually play slots and I usually do pretty goos. I’ll leave a pic of tonight’s take home of $1000.00.”

‣ Review By Brittany Gaines:

“Beautiful new casino. Lots of slot machines. Nice restaurants. Food court with lots of options: deli, Asian, Italian/pizza, American. Fun place to visit and close to the outlet malls. Lots of shaded parking and large parking lot.”

Our Verdict: A Big Green Light For Desert Diamond Casino

Owned as well as operated by a trusting background.Low user rating, considering the place has been operating for three decades. 
Massive space spreading across a solid 75,000 square feet.Visitors have made a few complaints, such as no smoking areas, low portions of food, and a bad experience in general. 
Has a hotel, restaurants, casino games, and several other entertainment options.Slots are not that great, considering these do not play well. 

Spread over a massive area of more than 75,000 square feet, the desert diamond casino is known as ‘the jackpot valley.’ By finding the best slots at the desert diamond casino, you will understand how jackpots can be reason enough for celebration. From brand new slots and table games to the Bingo Hall and Poker rooms, there’s so much to explore for visitors! 

In case you decide to check out the desert diamond casino anytime soon, don’t forget to let us know about your experiences of the same in the comments below!

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