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How To Play Crazy Time, What The Best Strategies Are, And More!

| December 19, 2022 | Casino Guides

Along with table games and slots, TV game shows are among the most popular products for online casino fans. The Crazy Time game is currently considered one of the trendiest among gamblers worldwide. This game is available at and other online casinos.

Crazy Time game’s mechanics

The main Crazy Time gameplay is based on two elements:

  • a big game wheel divided into 54 sectors with numbers and bonus rounds icons;
  • a small two-reel video slot with extra multipliers to random sectors.

The game process is relatively straightforward. The croupier in a live studio turns the wheel, and the slot automatically starts running. The players watch a game broadcast and place bets before each new round, communicating with each other and the dealer in the chat.

The winner is a player who correctly predicts the item (number or bonus card) that the wheel will stop rotation on. An additional multiplier is applied when the wheel and slot stop on the same item.

The winning amount also depends on the chosen item.

ItemNumber of sectors on the wheelReward

Bonus game

The players also can place bets on bonus cards, which bring higher rewards.

Coin Flip – four sectors

When the reel stops at the bonus sector, the presenter comes to a special device, which launches the so-called coin with a red and blue side. The multiplier depends on the side the coin falls. In this bonus game, there is a reroll option if the resulting multiplier is too low. The highest possible rate in this bonus game is x5000.

Cash Hunt – two sectors

This bonus round is a shooting gallery with a field of 9×12 (108 sectors). The player has one shot and the reward will be a multiplier up to x100. The highest possible multiplier in this bonus game is x5000.

Pachinko – two sectors

This bonus round features traditional Pachinko gameplay: the playing field with obstacles and 16 multiplier cells at the bottom. The dealer launches the ball, which falls through the field, bumping against barriers and changing its trajectory.

The multiplier level depends on the sector the ball lands. If the ball hits the double sector, all multipliers are doubled and the ball is relaunched. The maximum possible multiplication in this bonus game is x10000.

Crazy Time – one sector

This bonus round is based on a wheel with 64 sectors with multipliers and Double and Triple options. At the very beginning, the player chooses one of the three arrows – green, blue, or yellow. The prize amount depends on where the selected arrow points.

If the chosen arrow points to the Double or Triple sector, when the wheel stops, all multipliers will be doubled or tripled, respectively. And the dealer turns the wheel again. The maximum possible multiplication in this bonus game is x20000.

Crazy Time winning strategies

The Crazy Time game has 96,08% RTP. It means that casinos will always have an edge in the long run. However, players can make their gambling time more exciting and profitable by using some tips and strategies we will describe below.

Low-risk method

The best strategy for beginners is to start playing the Crazy Time game making only small bets on numbers. For example, 1 item with 21 sectors on the wheel falls out more often than others. However, a 1:1 winning will never bring you a jackpot. Anyway, this approach will help you understand the game’s nuances.

Martingale method

Like in Roulette, the Crazy Time gameplay is based on a wheel. As a result, the Martingale system is suitable for this game. Choose one number, place a bet and double it after each loss until you win. That is how this approach works. 

Bonus games only

Bonus cards bring higher winnings. That is why some players place bets only on bonus sections, using a flat betting strategy, Martingale system, or other methods. However, this approach requires a significant bankroll to go through bad luck periods and wait for big wins. 


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