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Emerald Queen Casino: A Complete Review In 2022

| September 28, 2022 | Casino Review

You know how the old saying goes? ‘Don’t judge the book by its covers!’ – and till date, that holds true. It can also go both ways. By now, you know we love everything about a good casino. At first glance, Emerald Queen Casino appears to be one of those perfect places you can’t miss out on, but then is it cool to pass a verdict based on that?

Not really! So we dug a little deeper and found out that not all places have good luck when it comes to reviews. Keep reading to find out more about this casino below!

Exploring Emerald Queen Casino: An In-Depth Tour Of Emerald Queen!

Exploring Emerald Queen Casino
Founded1996: First Emerald Queen Casino | 2020: New Property
BranchesTahoma and Fife
Address2920 East R Street, Tacoma Wa 98404 | 5700 Pacific Highway East Fife, WA 98424
Phone253-594-7777 (local) | 888-831-7655 (toll-free)
OwnerPuyallup Tribe of Indians
Casino TypeLand-based
Notable RestaurantsParadise Deli, Tatoosh Grill, Cedar Rose Cafe, Riverbank Restaurant.

The new emerald queen casino has been an instant hit with the residents of Tacoma, but what about the old emerald queen? Owned and operated by the Puyallup Tribe of Indians, the casino is spread over a whopping 820,000-square-foot – the newest Tacoma property came into existence in the month of June 2020.

The two different emerald queen properties are located in

  • Fife and
  • Tacoma.

Originally, the emerald queen casino first opened its doors in 1996 – located on the Port of Tacoma Waterway, it was just another boat where you could gamble. Today, the brand has evolved to expand into two big properties located just 20 minutes away from the SeaTac airport on its south. 

If you love checking out popular casino chains, then you must check out Riverwind Casino, located in Norman, Oklahoma! Don’t forget to go through the riverwind reviews before you do so!

The Emerald Queen Casino: Things To Know!

The emerald queen casino Tacoma, or even the one in Fife, is one of those pretty casinos that is so much more than just a casino – from spectacular entertainment options and dining alternatives to so many slot machines, the two properties have a lot to offer guests!

So without wasting any more time, let’s quickly find out what are the features available at the casino! 


Emerald Queen Casino Hotel

Before you can google ‘emerald queen casino free play,’ you must also check out the hotel facilities that this casino is famous for! So when it comes to hotel bookings, you will come across two alternatives. Keep reading to find out more about the same. 

EQC Fife Hotel5700 Pacific Highway East Fife, WA 98424
EQC Tacoma Hotel1820 East 29th Street, Tacoma Wa 98404


Emerald Queen Casino Dining

What a good casino must possess are dining alternatives guests can check out when needed, and that’s exactly what most casinos such as the Northern Lights Casinos, for instance, have become famous for as well. Scroll down to check out all the many dining options you can check out easily. 

Dining At TacomaDining At Fife
Cedar Rose CafeParadise Deli
Paddle Wheel Coffee & BakeryPacific Rim Buffet
Puyalapabs CafeTatoosh Grill
Riverbank Express
Sportsbook Bar & Grill
Waterway Deli


The official website of Emerald Queen Casino has a detailed entertainment section which lists down all the upcoming events that you can enjoy at this place! For now, the casino is hosting two different shows, 

  • Rob Schneider: I Have Issues Tour
  • Smokey Robinson

Check out a clip of how entertainment night pans out inside Emerald Queen Casino 👇👇

 Customer Reviews: Is Emerald Queen Casino Legit?

Customer Reviews

Before visiting emerald queen hotel & casino, you should check out some of the guest reviews mentioned below,

Review By Portobello B:

“First time coming to this venue to hear music. Be sure to buy tickets from Emerald Queen Casino or Ticket Master websites. I made a mistake by just entering Boz Scaggs and got the Event Tickets Center website which is a third party. Be aware that I paid more for the tickets than I needed to. The seats were comfortable, and the acoustics were good even though we were on the balcony. Recommend to bring binoculars next time. Boz Scaggs and his band put on a great show.

Nice to come early and play some blackjack. There is a smoking and non-smoking areas. It is really busy after the concert, so I recommend arriving early.”

Review By Metaungulate:

“This place is a write off. The ceiling is low, the place is segmented into small and illogical rooms, the signage is awful, etc. etc. etc. There is no reason for this casino to even exist in a state that has such great casinos… however, passing by on I-5 the new one being built looks like it’s really up to snuff so I will have to check that one out!”

Review By M R:

“Beware, this Casino will require you to let them search through all your personal items and luggage in order to stay in the hotel! I have never been asked to do this anywhere! Talk about an invasion of privacy! I asked to speak to a supervisor because this did not seem right. The security supervisor just stated if I wanted to stay at their hotel, all guest must submit to searches of their person and property. I’m sorry, but that just didn’t fly with me. So, we canceled our reservation and found another hotel. I will not be supporting a place that has such an invasive policy.”

Review By Squeegeeman20002017:

“If you like slot machines, skip these casinos. The payback rate was substantially dropped after the crowds returned from lockdown. It used to be in the low 90% range, now more in the lower 80% range. Or you were paying out 60 to 120 bucks an hour for video games. Car prowlers will steal anything.”

Our Verdict: Definitely Not Bucket List-Worthy!

Owned as well as operated by a trusting background.Low guest rating, considering the place has been operating for three decades. 
Massive space spreading across a solid 75,000 square feet.Visitors have made a few complaints, such as no smoking areas, low portions of food, and a bad experience in general. 
Has a hotel, restaurants, casino games, and several other entertainment options.Slots are not that great, considering these do not play well. 

Although the official website of Emerald Queen Casino screams trust and promises a great experience yet, poor guest reviews everywhere online can make things pretty daunting in the long run for this casino. As of now, we are taking emerald queen hotel casino off our bucket list – it’s better to give this casino a little time to work on improvements – we will come back a few months or, better, a year later to find out!

In the meantime, don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on this casino, and share your experiences in the comments below!

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