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Ever Played Uno Attack? Uno Attack Rules Made Simple For Everyone

| August 25, 2023 | Sports

Growing up, Uno has always been a huge favorite everywhere I went – from night-ins to picnics, Uno used to be our main game! And when our boss got us a new recreation room at work complete with hundreds of games, we were overjoyed to find a pack of Uno. But this pack was a little different from what we have always been used to – this one was called Uno Attack.

After spending some much-needed time on the instruction manual, we could figure out what the new pack was all about. Uno Attack adds a nice modern twist to the classic game of cards – with a brand new launcher and some crazy cards, Uno Attack only boosts the fun part of this timeless game.

If you haven’t played Uno Attack yet, you have come to the right place – scroll down and find out all the rules you need to know before you can start playing this new version of Uno!

Ever Played Uno Attack? Here’s All You Need To Know About This Modern Game!  

Before you get excited about stuff like Uno +4uno shuffle hands card and swap hands card in Uno, let’s talk about some important factors!

Objective Of Uno Attack:

The primary objective of Uno Attack is to be the first player to actually score 500 points. The very first player to eliminate all the cards from their hands will score points for the cards that have been left behind in the hands of their opponents.


Forget about standalone Uno swap hands – here are the components of the entire game!

  1. 18 Red cards: 1 to 9
  2. 18 Green cards: 1 to 9
  3. 18 Blue cards: 1 to 9
  4. 18 Yellow cards: 1 to 9
  5. 8 Skip cards: 2 each in Yellow, Red, Green, and Blue.
  6. 8 Reverse Cards: 2 each in Yellow, Red, Green, and Blue.
  7. 8 Hit 2 Cards: 2 each in Yellow, Red, Green, and Blue.
  8. 4 Trade Hands cards: 1 each in Yellow, Red, Green, and Blue.
  9. 4 Discard All cards: 1 each in Yellow, Red, Green, and Blue.
  10. 2 Wild Hit-Fire cards.
  11. 2 Wild All-Hit cards.
  12. 4 Wild cards.
  13. Rule book.
  14. Card Launcher.

Choosing A Dealer:

Every single player picks a card. The player who picks the largest number will deal. If you have picked a special card, then that is too bad – since these do not really count. The dealer will deal seven cards to each of the players, begins the discard pile, and then loads the launcher.

Then the player on the dealer’s left begins the gameplay.


You might choose not to play any playable card from the bunch of cards in your hand. If that happens, then you must click the launcher button – then your turn is over.


Any player who makes any suggestion for the other cards to any other player must click the launcher button four times – ouch!

Understanding Uno Attack Rules: How To Play Uno Attack?

How To Play Uno Attack

So, how to play uno attack?

Mattel’s famous game Uno goes one step higher with Uno Attack. The game is accompanied by 112 Uno cards and an electronic card shooter.

While the original game required different players to actually draw cards from a whole pile and obviously shuffle them at the beginning of every game, the card shooter in Uno Attack calls for the players to press any button to receive a random number of cards that come out of it. This button is known as the launcher button.

Yes – that is your main twist. Now, let’s get down to the main business – the Uno Attack rules! Scroll down to find out how to set up for a few rounds of Uno Attack and, most importantly, how to play this game!

Getting Started: Setting Up For Uno Attack  

Setting Up For Uno Attack

Before you can start playing with your brand new Uno Attack cards, let’s talk about setting up!

  • To begin the game, every player is given seven cards.
  • To start the discard pile, one card will be placed face up. There are some launchers that also come with an area to discard.
  • The remaining card is then placed face down inside the card shooter.

Official Rules For Playing Uno Attack:   

Now that you know how to set up for the game, let’s check out the top instructions for Uno Attack.

  1. The first player has to match the card that is right on top of your discard pile either by color or number.
  1. If any player does not have a single matching card, then they will either have to use any of the special cards, such as a Wild Card, or they will have to press the launcher button.
  1. The card shooter will then make a ‘ding’ sound, and immediately, a random number of cards will come out.
  1. The player in question will definitely have to accept whatever comes out of the card shooter – be it 2 cards or 12 before the turn passes to the next player on the left. If you are lucky, it is possible that no cards will come out when you hit the launcher button.
  1. When only one card remains in any player’s hand, they will have to shout ‘Uno!’ – otherwise, if caught not doing so by other players, then they will have to press the launcher button twice and accept all the cards that come out.
  1. You cannot catch another player for failing to shout ‘Uno!’ until and unless their second-last card has touched the discard pile. Plus, you also cannot call them out once the next player has already begun their turn.
  1. In standard Uno gameplay, the first player to get rid of all their cards is declared the winner.
  1. If your launcher comes with a discard area, then the launcher will indicate when it needs reloading. You will have to shuffle the cards, and put them back inside the launcher if you do run out of cards.

Special Cards And Their Rules:  

Special Cards And Their Rules

Uno Attack comes with multiple cards with special rules applying to them. These rules are as follows:

  • When a Hit 2 card is put down at a time on the discard pile, the player who is next is needed to click twice on the launch button. When they take these cards, that person’s turn is over, and they wait for the very next round to discard.
  • The Trade Hands card enables players to exchange a single hand with another player of their choice, which can end badly for any player with few cards.
  • The Wild All Hit card enables players to call out a single color, with each player pressing the launch button and accepting the cards that come out.
  • The Discard All card enables players to discard all the cards of a specific color in their hands. This can definitely boost their road to the finish line by enabling them to eliminate several cards at once.
  • The Wild Hit-Fire card needs the next player to keep hitting the launcher button until it shoots out the cards.

Ending A Round Of Uno Attack:

Round Of Uno Attack

The winner of Uno Attack is ideally someone to score around 500 points. At the end of each hand, each player can be caught with a running total of the points they have managed to score – this is also one way to track the winner.

Now, when one player is able to reach 500 points, the player who has the lowest point becomes the winner.


When a player runs out of all cards, they recessive points for cards that are left in the hands of the opponents.

  • All cards through 9: Face Value
  • Wild Hit-Fire: 50 Points
  • Wild All Hit: 50 Points
  • Wild: 50 Points
  • Trade Hands: 30 Points
  • Discard All: 30 Points
  • Hit 2: 20 Points
  • Skip: 20 Points
  • Reverse 20 Points.

Going Out:

When a player is left with a single card, they must definitely scream ‘UNO,’ which literally means one, before playing their next to the last card. If the player fails to do so, then they will have to click on the launcher button not once but twice – of course, only when that player is caught by any of the other players.

Before your last card touches the Discard pile and you forget to scream ‘UNO,’ but you do ‘catch’ yourself before the other players, then you are safe and not at all subject to any kind of penalty. Obviously, no player can be caught for failure to yell ‘UNO’ until and unless their second to the last card touches the discard pile.

Plus, once the next player starts their turn, you cannot catch the player for failing to scream out ‘UNO’ when they have only one card left in their hands. ‘Starting/beginning a turn’ can be defined as either hitting the launcher button or playing a card.

If any players do go out by discarding a Wild Hit-Fire card or even a Wild All Hit card, then all players most definitely follow the standard rules applicable to these cards. A player might not go out on any Trade Hands card.

Once the pile of discarded cards reaches the same level as the top of the plastic stopper holding the whole pile in place, you have to reshuffle the entire discard pile, reload your launcher, and then continue the gameplay.

The Special Cards In Uno Attack:

Special Cards In Uno Attack

There is no point looking up the different Uno Attack card meanings online – those are mostly similar to your standard game of Uno. But the special cards are a little different – scroll down to check out the different special cards in Uno Attack.

1. Reverse:

A Reverse card reverses the gameplay’s direction. This means if the game is taking place in a clockwise direction, then it will start going in the anticlockwise direction. If the Reverse card turns up at the start of gameplay, then the dealer will play first, and the play will move from the right instead of the left.

2. Skip: 

The player who is next will lose them and is literally ‘skipped’ with the use of the Skip card. Now, if the Skip card turns up right at the start, then the player starting the game will be skipped automatically, and the player who is next will then start the game.

3. Wild:


You can play a Wild card on any card. The player playing the Wild card will call for any color of their choice to continue the gameplay, including the card presently being played, if at all desired. Also, a Wild card can even be played when you have another card that is playable.

If this particular card turns up at the start of gameplay, then the one next to the dealer on the left will call out the color and start the play.

4. Hit 2:

Hit 2

When the Hit 2 card is played, the player who is next must press the launcher button not once but twice. Their turn is then considered to be over, and the gameplay continues with the player who is next.

If the Hit 2 card turns up at the beginning of the gameplay, then the player on the dealer’s left will have to press the launcher button twice. The gameplay then starts with the second player on the dealer’s left.

5. Trade Hands:

Trade Hands

When the Trade Hands card is played, the player who is discarding the same must trade their entire hand with any other player of their choice. If this card is used at the beginning of the gameplay, then it is put back in the card deck, and instead, another card is chosen.

6. Discard All:

Discard All

Play the Discard All card when you have to discard all the cards of the same color in your hand. For instance, if a red ‘6’ is in the pile of discarded cards, then you might discard all the red cards in your hand with one red Discard All card placed right on top. You can also discard a second Discard All card on top of the first one.

If the Discard All card turns up at the start of the gameplay, then the player on the dealer’s left starts the gameplay with another card of the same color or even another Discard All card. If that is not possible, then they must press the launcher button.

And It’s A Wrap!

Card games like Uno Attack are so fun, especially when you play with family and close friends. A quick match of Uno on a rainy, lazy weekday is great – plus, it’s a game you can always play when you are getting to know some people. Have fun playing Uno Attack – and don’t forget to let us know about your experiences in the comments below. 

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